Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will be holding a meeting, on Tuesday evening, with various senior Palestinian officials before submitting the Palestinian application at the UN Security Council, demanding a time-frame for ending the Israeli occupation of Palestine.Fateh Movement official Abbas Zaki said the meeting would conclude all prior meetings held by the Palestinian leadership to discuss various important issues regarding the Palestinian cause, political activities, and the escalating Israeli violations.

“The meeting will witness the final touches for the Palestinian application that would be submitted to the Security Council tomorrow,” Zaki said, “The top of the agenda includes filing more applications to join international institutions and treaties, especially the Rome Convention.”

He added that the leadership will discuss severing ties with Tel Aviv, including the joint “security coordination.”

The official added that the Palestinian leadership did not decide to stop security coordination with Tel Aviv during its Sunday meeting because it needed to discuss different scenarios, and to ensure support for its political moves from various Arab and international countries.

“We aren’t acting on our own. We have Arab and international support; we want to advance with confidence,” Zaki stated, “This also includes decisions regarding security coordination with Tel Aviv; we do not want to lose the current support.”

He said the Palestinian leadership would be weighing the upcoming comprehensive national strategy, to ensure it conducts all needed measures to ensure protection to the Palestinians.

“Gaza is a high priority issue, it is a devastated area, and we must do everything in our power to end the aggression and siege,” the official added, “It will always be a top priority under all circumstances.”

The meeting is the fourth since Israeli soldiers killed the head of the Palestinian Committee against the Wall and Settlements, Minister Ziad Abu ‘Ein, last week.

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