Four houses belonging to Palestinian families, and at least two barns were demolished on Monday by Israeli forces bulldozers in the town of el-Eizariya, southeast of Jerusalem.According to WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency, a large Israeli force broke into el-Eizariya with bulldozers, and began demolishing by dawn, without prior notices.

Mayor Abdel Fattah Aslaymeh said that the town is constantly under attack by Israeli occupation forces on various levels, especially with regard to preventing people from building in areas classified as C.

He said that the municipality is following up on such issues, and working to deliver all proper services to the town’s residents, strengthening the resilience of the town.

In related news, Israeli forces served Palestinian residents Naif Atmezeh and Ashraf al-Batran with demolition notices regarding their homes in the village of Athana, west Hebron.

Atmezeh has a family of 10, and al-Batran has a family of six, comprised mostly of children. They live in a caravan and receive international aid, after the power network was destroyed in the area, and their houses demolished by Israeli forces.

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