A recently released video of a speech made by Deputy Knesset Speaker Moshe Feiglin, in July of this year, shows Feiglin calling for an Israeli sponsored bloodbath in Gaza, according to the PNN.Addicting Info’s Randa Morris reports that, during the speech, Feiglin said that there are no innocent people in Gaza:

‘We have a war over here, and the war is not against the Hamas and there’s no innocent people around it.’

The leader was met with applause by an audience of eager listeners, even as he claimed that refraining from attacking civilians and children is ‘immoral’ and a violation of Jewish law which puts Israeli soldiers in danger:

‘So these are the two rules. First of all, we should look for victory, we should win, we should take over, we should destroy Hamas and take over the whole city and we should do it according to Jewish law and not according to this immoral ideas that putting our soldiers in danger…’

Feiglin’s speech was apparently nothing less than a veiled call for genocide:

‘We’re not defending ourselves, we’re fighting for justice. It’s ours. This is the first thing we should understand. And we should take it over, capture the whole Gaza Strip – as we did in 1967 and I’m talking about the right goal, the right goal should be victory, nothing less than that. Victory means destroying your enemy, and take over the place.’

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Israeli daily news publication Haaretz once quoted Mr. Feiglin as saying:

‘Hitler was an unparalleled military genius. Nazism promoted Germany from a low to a fantastic physical and ideological status. The ragged, trashy youth body turned into a neat and orderly part of society and Germany received an exemplary regime, a proper justice system and public order. Hitler savored good music. He would paint. This was no bunch of thugs. They merely used thugs and homosexuals.’

Feiglin has insisted that his comments have been taken out of context in a smear campaign against him by left-wing journalists.

He has since been banned from entering the United Kingdom.

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