Several Palestinians suffered from excessive teargas inhalation, Tuesday, as Israeli forces stormed the village of Housan, to the west of Bethlehem. At least 14 Palestinians were abducted by Israeli forces between late Monday and early Tuesday, in various areas of the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.Israeli forces abducted at least 14 Palestinians in different cities and towns of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, between late Monday and early Tuesday, according to security and local sources reports.

In the town of Sinjil, north of Ramallah, 10 Palestinians were taken after forces invaded the town in a massive predawn arrest raid, according to Mayor Ayoub Swaid.

Swaid said that Israeli forces knocked the door of a wedding hall down and locked a dozen Palestinians in the hall for interrogation.

A few of those arrested were identified by local sources as: Mohammad Ghafari, Azzam Shabana, Ziad Khalil, Ahmed and Islam Toafsheh, Shadi Masalmeh and journalist Mohammad Ghafari.

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Soldiers assaulted the mother of Islam Toafsheh and hit her in the face when they tried to arrest her son. They also attacked an ambulance driver upon refusal to allow a canine unit from entering the vehicle for inspection.

Meanwhile, two Palestinians were taken Tuesday morning, in the town of Housan, to the west of Bethlehem.

According to village council member Mohammed Shusha, Israeli soldiers arrested 18- year-old Mohammed Hamamrah, and 25 –year-old Moataz Hamamrah, after raiding and searching their houses.

Local sources from Housan told WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency that an Israeli army force broke into the area and began firing teargas canisters towards the school complex, causing multiple cases of suffocation.

The soldiers also deployed heavily across the village, breaking into several homes and spreading panic among residents.

Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers stationed at Abu ar-Rish checkpoint, in Hebron’s Old City district, shot toxic gas canisters toward a number of students, causing them to suffocate. They received first aid treatment at the scene.

According to Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, Israeli soldiers and border police “often fire tear-gas grenades directly at demonstrators with the aim of hitting them, or fire carelessly, without ensuring that demonstrators are not in the direct line of fire, in direct contravention of regulations.”

The legal center, in a summary report published in 2013, demanded that Israeli security forces “completely prohibit the firing of 40mm tear gas canisters, either directly at individuals or horizontally, in a way that could cause result in injuries.”

In an attempt to pressure the residents of Imnezil village in Hebron, Israeli soldiers prevented Palestinian farmers from entering their farmlands, said local sources on Tuesday.

Coordinator of the National Committee Against the Wall and the Settlements, Rateb Jabour, said that Israeli forces prevented the Ismirat family from entering their lands and farming the land, under the pretext of having no entry permit.

Imnezil is surrounded by settlements from both the north and south, in addition to the Israeli apartheid wall, built around the village in 2005.

In previous attempts, Israeli forces demanded, through military orders delivered to the residents, the removal of solar cells which supply electricity to the village, and stopped the project that provides the village with water access.

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Another Palestinian was taken from the town of Bani Neim, east of Hebron.

According to local sources, 22-year-old Anees al-Khdoor was arrested after raiding his house and searching it. The soldiers confiscated two computers and his personal mobile phone and, then, took him to an unknown destination.

Israeli forces also kidnapped, on Monday evening, Adli Abu Tayeh, after raiding the Ein al-Louzeh neighborhood, in the occupied East Jerusalem town of Silwan.

According to witnesses, Israeli forces raided several homes in the area before taking Abu Tayeh to one of the detention and interrogation facilities in the Old City.

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