Israeli Channel 10 reported from its website, today, that a court has decided to release Israeli soldier and border guard Ben Dery, who murdered 17-year-old Nadim Nowarah in cold blood, during Nakba Day protests on May 15th of this year, outside the Ofer prison, near Ramallah.A video clip of the shooting in Beitunia showed Nadim, along with four other youngsters, being shot after confrontations had already erupted between occupation soldiers in the area and several Palestinian youth.

Other video clips showed that Israeli forces were dozens of meters away, and Palestinian eyewitnesses said that the troops used live ammunition. Later forensic examination revealed that the eyewitness reports were correct.

The murder caused international reactions and condemnation against Israel’s daily crimes against the Palestinian people and their property.

Channel 10 added that the court decided to move the soldier from detention into house arrest status.

It was also mentioned, according to the PNN, that the soldier recently suffered from psychological issues and depression.

The text messages to Nadim’s parents, asking their forgiveness would further prove that Dery was involved in the deliberate killing of the boy.

See: 06/05/14 Siam Nowarah’s Letter to the International Community

Israel often frees soldiers proven to have killed Palestinians through monitoring cameras, in addition to not holding any of them accountable for their crimes.

On the same day, Mohammad Mahmoud Odeh, age 16, sustained a fatal gunshot wound to the back. Both boys were transferred to the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah they were pronounced dead.

Search IMEMC: ‘Nowarah’ for extensive background info and video footage.