The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported, Wednesday, that the Israeli Prison Administration placed several Palestinian detainees in solitary confinement, and imposed fines of them.The PPS said the detainees were recently moved from Ramon Prison to Ayala Israeli prison, and were fined 450 New Israeli Shekels each, in addition to being forced into solitary confinement for 21 days.

The Prison Administration did not inform the detainees of the reasons behind their transfer, and the fines.

In related news, soldiers of the Nachshon Brigade stormed section 3 of Ramon prison, and prevented the detainees from leaving their rooms as a punishment for standing in solidarity with the transferred detainees.

On Wednesday, an Israeli military court issued arbitrary Administrative Detention orders against nine detainees, without charges or trial.

The PPS said the number of detainees who received Administrative Detention orders, since the beginning of February has arrived to 89, and that most of them have already been held under similar orders that were repeatedly renewed.

The nine detainees have been identified as Hani Ghalasy, received a 3-month order, Azzam Shweiki, 3 months, Nidal Jneidi, 4 months, Rejeh Jneidi, 4 months, Raed Hamdan, 3 months, all from Hebron, Nimir Damj from Jenin, 3 months, Mohammad Faraj from Nablus, 4 months, ‘Aziz Kayed from al-Biereh, 4 months, and Mohye Jado from Bethlehem, 6 months.