On February 27, the Italian Chamber approved two motions on the recognition of Palestine: one presented by the Democratic Party and one from the groups of the Popular Area. Both motions were approved, but the text of the resolutions is contrasting, the Palestinian News Network reports. The government pronounced favor on both proposals. The motion of the 5 Stars Movement, calling for the recognition of the Palestinian state, was rejected by 317 votes against and 56 votes in favor.

The motions did not involve legal obligations, but mostly political indications which the parliament addressed to the government.

The motion of the Democratic Party provides for the recognition of the Palestinian state. The text presented by Democrats commits the government ‘to continue to unconditionally support the goal of establishing a Palestinian state living side by side in peace, security and prosperity next to the state of Israel, on the basis of mutual recognition and total assumption of common commitment to ensure citizens to live safely and protected from all violence and acts of terrorism”.

So, there is a commitment for the government to ‘promote the recognition of Palestine as a sovereign and democratic state within the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as a shared capital, taking into account the concerns and the legitimate interests of the state of Israel’.

The motion of the Popular Area: the proposal of the centrists does not expressly recognize Palestine, but it is a first step toward this. The motion in fact commits the government ‘to promote the achievement of a political agreement between the Islamist group Hamas and its secular rival Fateh, which, through the recognition of the state of Israel and the abandonment of violence, will determine the conditions for the recognition of a Palestinian state’.

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