Israeli soldiers, stationed on the al-Jalama military roadblock, north of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, violently attacked, and detained, a mentally-challenge teen.Eyewitnesses said the soldiers stopped Mohammad Fawwaz Zakarna, 17 years of age, and repeatedly kicked and punched him, causing several cuts and bruises.

Zakarna is from Jenin city; the soldiers held him for several hours before the Palestinian District Coordination Office (DCO) contacted its Israeli counterpart, and secured his release.

Also on Sunday, Israeli soldiers invaded the detainees’ rooms in Section 5 of the Ramon prison, and moved a large number of them to Nafha prison.

The Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) said tension is mounting in both Nafha and Ramon prisons, especially after the soldiers refused to allow the detainees out of their rooms, and denied them family visits.