This Collective Consciousness music creation is dedicated to the Right of Return for Palestinian refugees worldwide and is simply titled, ‘We Will Return.’ The creation is a multi-lingual amalgam also aimed at raising awareness of Palestinian refugees’ plight in consequence to an absence of citizenship rights in their country of refuge.

It is showcased in Arabic/English with subtitle translations and also filmed on location in Gaza Camp, Jordan by Siraj Davis and Belal Omar. Ali Mousa Zubidi and Yaser Al Haddad at Trio Productions ( Jordan) remade the music beat donated by Yazeed Abu Darwish of DZK Productions, recorded the vocals in the studio, and helped create the footage at the expense of Collective Consciousness.

The Prafessa at Go Hard Entertainment of Anderson, South Carolina ( aided in this brilliant creation’s development. Translations were done by Sara Abunamous of Nell Language Program in Jordan and by author, HR activist, political lobbyist, teacher, and journalist Siraj Davis. This video represents the innocent victims of Israel, shouting in a personal message to the world to never forget them, ‘we will return to Palestine,’ Palestinians and all other humans. The Right of Return is the only possession they have left.

منضمه حقوق الانسان صنعت هذا الفيدو لاجل حق العوده هذا الفيدو الموسيقي بلعربيه والانكيزيه المجموعه المشاركه من مخيم غزه هم من اميركا وفلسطين والاردن وبولندا المهم في هذا الفيدو يوضح اهمية حق العوده للفلسطينين وكم هم منسيون في ابسط حققوق الانسانيه للعيش بكرامه ا لتي منحها الله وسلبها الانسان هولاء ضحايا اسرائيل مصورو هذا الفيدو سراج ديفس و بلال عمر كما قام سراج ديفس بتسجيل الفيدو وتنضيمه على حسابه الشخصي بدفع المستحقات الى كل من علي موسى الزبيدي وياسر الحداد العاملين في شركة تريو بودكشنز كما قام يزيد ابو درويش بلتبرع بلموسيقى الى مخيم غزه كما قامت شركة تريو برودكسنز بتعديل الموسيقى وتسجيل الاغنيه كما شارك في المساعده لضهور هذا الفيديو البرفسور من شركة كو هار انتر تيمنت في ساوث كارولاينا

Gaza Camp in Jordan is the worst Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan and has been in existence for over 6 decades. These refugees live in dilapidated windowless homes -some without doors- with zinc roofs. The trash infestation and dead animal carcasses inundates all of the streets and an antiquated sewage system occasionally over-flows into the streets where residents stroll and children play. The infrastructure consists of dirt roads, crumbling buildings, and a single community center for a population of 24,000. Medical services are extremely limited as a stroller may occasionally witness men staring at the ground while sitting on the streets, children with a hole in their face, elderly without wheel-chairs, and worse.

These refugees have fewer rights than naturalized Palestinians in the West Bank, nations of refuge like Jordan, and even Gazans. They can’t ascertain driver’s licenses, open bank accounts, and purchase property. They are not allowed to travel outside of Jordan or return to Gaza. They are excluded from most employment with exception of menial labor that Egyptian expats within Jordan obtain normally. They also experience difficulty with studying in higher education. They’re often stigmatized by the rest of Jordanian society with unfair negative stereotypes. They are also forgotten by the media, because they are not victims of Israeli violence, as in the occupied territories of Palestine (Gaza and the West Bank).

مخيم غزه في الاردن في جرش هو اسوء مخيم في الاردن للاجئين الفلسطين ومن ماسي مخيم غزه هم لايسطيعون الحصول على شهادات عليا كما لايستطيعون ان بستخرجوا رخصة قياده كما لايمكنهم السفر خارج الاردن والفلسطينون الذين لديهم الجنسيه الاردنية هم يتمتعون بكل هذه المميزات الني حرموا منها الفلسطينيون الذين لم يحصلو على الجنسيه الاردنيه كا ان اللاجئين في مخيم غزه يعيشون في بيوت خاليه من الشبابيك واسقف بيوتهم من مادة الزينكو وكما هو واضح في الفيدو فان الشوارع طافحه بماء المجاري الاسن والاطفال يلعبونفي الشوارع لان الصحافه والاعلام في العالم نسو ان يوجهو الضوءعلى هذا المخيم وحيات اللاجئين الماساويه لابد من تغير فهولاء هم ضحايا اسرائيل

Two guest speakers lead the intro at the beginning of the music video in their messages to Gaza Camp, Jordan. Moe Diab, a Palestinian human rights activist, Middle East political news analyst, and author/actor provides a powerful mentor as he emphasizes the hope of education in his message to Gaza Camp and reassures its residents that they are not forgotten despite many others ignoring their penury.

Co-founder of 50 Cent’s G-unit, affiliate of Rick Ross’ Maybach Records, and CEO of Feed the Wolves Entertainment, Bang Em Smurf (Daniel Calliste), demonstrates an exceptionally interesting trait as a celebrity that possesses humility. He encourages the Gaza Camp inhabitants to never give up hope, champions of the under-privileged youth as Bang Em Smurf care for humans in places as Gaza Camp. Bang Em Smurf proclaims in a palpable tone, despite the impossible tribulations the Gaza Camp youth face, they still can accomplish their dreams.

في بدايه الاغنيه يضهر شخصين من مشاهير العالم وهم الاصدقاء المفربون لسراج ديفس الاول اسمه محمد ذياب وهو ناشط في حقوق الانسان ومحلل سياسي ومؤلف وممثل سينمائي وهو ينصح ويركز على التعليم للاجئين في مخيم غزه بقوله بلعلم تستطيع ان تعود الى فلسطين والشخص الثاني هو اسمه بنغم سمرف اسمه الحقيقي دانيال كالستي هو احد المؤسسين لفرقة جي يونت مع ففتي سنت وهول يعمل مع رك روس من شركة مي باك ركردز وهو يقول لمخيم غزه لا تيأسون من الامل وسوف تصبحون كما تريدون ان تكونوا

Throughout the video’s progress, many different Gaza Camp refugees participate in a show of support for the Right of Return underneath the palpable melodious words of gifted background vocalist, Kamila Dudkiewicz, as she sings we will return to Palestine. Other singers include student Ahmed Ribhi who highlights the despair of an unknown future in his lyrics. Mc Hosam addresses the suffering of the largest refugee population in the world, created by the 1948 and 1867 ethnic cleansing Israel commenced upon these innocent humans. He raises the crescendo at the end of his lyrics, to declare Palestinians will never submit their last sole possession, the Right of Return. Abdullah AbuShabob exposes the cricketing silence, shameful marginalization, and malignant false stereotypes that the media and Arab world imposes upon Gaza Camp. Siraj Davis shares a personal tragedy which aligns him on the destiny for the Right of Return and even refers to Mahmoud Darwish’s poem the Earth is Closing in on Us when he announces there are ‘no more last skies’ for Palestinian refugees. There’s only one place to return, Palestine.

The video concludes with a personal message by the main organizer of the music video from Gaza Camp, Basheer Abu Serdanah, head of the Gaza Camp Community Development Office of UNRWA. Collective Consciousness originated the idea for this project, gathered the volunteers, funded the entire music and footage development throughout all stages, meticulously directed filming, and generously funded all other associated costs attached to this project. All copyrights belong to Collective Consciousness.

في هذا الفيدو الفلسطينيون يبعثون برساله الى كل العالم انهم لن يستسلموا في حق العوده الى فلسطين في هذا الفيديو كل المغنين هم يدعون الى دعم حق العوده المغنين هم احمد ربحي و هو طالب واسماعيل حسام وهو يعمل في كفي وعبدالله شباب وسراج دسفس مدرس ومؤلف وصحفي ومحلل سياسي وناشط في حقوق الانسان والمرددون في هذا الفيديو هم كميله دود كيا وقز وفي نهاية الفلم يضهر كل من بشير ابو سردانه يعمل في منظمة اونروا في مخيم غزهوهو من سهل ايجاد المغنين من مخيم غزه

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