Media sources in Gaza said the Hamas-run security forces in the Gaza Strip shot and killed, on Tuesday morning, a Palestinian man, believed to be a supporter of ISIS, in his home, in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza City, believed to be a supporter of ISIS.Iyad al-Bozom, spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior in Gaza, stated on his Facebook page that Younis Sa’id al-Hanr, 27 years of age, was killed after initiating fire on the security forces, and that he refused to surrender.

Al-Bozom added that the security forces located explosive belts and charges, RPG rockets, and various types of weapons and ammunition.

The official only said that the slain man was an “outlaw” without providing further information.

Media sources in Gaza said the security forced tried to invade the home, a while ago, but did not advance after learning he was carrying an explosive belt.

After the death of al-Hanr, his brother told the Watania TV that the security forces broke into the home, after hurling a grenade, and fired several rounds of live ammunition at al-Hanr just as he was preparing to open fire on them.

He added that the security forces also fired two rounds of live ammunition on him as he was trying to run out of the family home.

The killing of al-Hanr comes amidst increasing tension between the Hamas-run security forces in Gaza and various gunmen believed to be affiliated with ISIS, especially after several attacks and bombings targeted homes and property belonging to Hamas leaders.

On Sunday, a group claiming allegiance with ISIS issued a statement claiming responsibility for assassinating a senior Hamas commander by detonating his store in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.