Israeli soldiers invaded, on Tuesday evening, Silwan town in occupied East Jerusalem, clashed with dozens of local youths, wounding five, and kidnapped one child. Soldiers also fired gas bombs at home and cars.The Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan (Silwanic) has reported that the soldiers fired rubber-coated metal bullets, mildly wounding five Palestinians.

Soldiers also fired gas bombs at a number of homes, and cars, causing scores of residents to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation, in addition to property damage to the targeted homes and vehicles.

Silwanic said the clashes took place after the soldiers invaded the town, through its main road, after closing it for more than thirty minutes, denying the Palestinians the right to exit or enter their own town.

The soldiers also broke several homes, and searched them, before kidnapping a Palestinian child, identified as Rami Tamimi.