Ahmad Fathi Abu Sahban, 23, was killed by live Israeli fire near the Central Bus station in Jerusalem after allegedly stabbing a 50-year old woman.According to Israeli sources, Sahban took out a knife and stabbed a fifty-year old woman, who got back into the bus she was exiting and had the driver close the door.

Police claim that Sahban then ran toward another bus to try to get on it, but was shot by police and killed.

It’s unclear how he entered the bus station with a knife, since the Israeli police have a comprehensive security checkpoint at the entrance, and in recent days have refused to allow Arabic speakers to enter at all.

Sahban was a former political prisoner held by Israel from April 29th, 2012 to March 10th, 2015.

He was a resident of the Ras Al-Amud neighborhood in East Jerusalem, an area that has seen rapid displacement of its Palestinian population over the past several years due to Israeli paramilitary (settler) forces moving into Palestinian homes and forcing the owners out.

He was the second Palestinian killed on Wednesday. Earlier in the day, at the Damascus Gate, Israeli police shot and killed a 17-year old boy after claiming that they saw a knife on him.