Israeli soldiers shot and killed two boys, aged 15 and 17 years old, in Hebron’s Old City Tuesday night, claiming that the two tried to attack a soldier. The military claimed that one soldier was lightly wounded.The two boys were identified as Bashar Nidal al-Jabari, 15, and Husam Jamil al-Jabari, 17. They were killed at an Israeli military checkpoint in the middle of central Hebron city.

Their deaths bring the number of Palestinians killed on Tuesday to five – four in the West Bank, and one in Gaza.

Local sources report that Israeli soldiers left the two boys lying on the ground bleeding until they died.

After the two boys were killed, dozens of Israeli settlers tried to march to the area, cheering for the deaths of the two boys.

Palestinian residents were ordered to remain inside – but dozens of young people took to the streets to protest the killing of the teens by the Israeli occupation forces.

Hebron has been the site of numerous protests and extrajudicial assassinations of Palestinians by the Israeli military this month. Earlier this week, an Israeli settler shot and killed a young Palestinian on Shuhada Street, in the center of Hebron, and a video shows a soldier arriving on the scene and placing what appears to be a knife on the ground next to the body of the Palestinian who was killed.