Last Thursday, Israeli rights group B’Tselem released video footage (currently going viral on social media) in which a young Palestinian man is brutally assaulted before being wrongfully detained near al-Bireh, near Ramallah, earlier this month.The Palestinian man was identified as Ansar Aasi, aged 25. He was working, according to PNN, at a cleaning products shop while confrontations between Israeli forces and Palestinian youth were taking place outside the shop on October the 6th.

Video courtesy Ma’an News Agency.

Suddenly, according to the video, Israeli soldiers spotted him and began violently kicking him, beating him with their rifles and, finally, arresting him. Aasi was taken to Hadassh hospital for medical treatment for injuries sustained in the attack.

According to the military, Aasi was identified by three Israeli soldiers as having thrown stones during clashes, was interrogated and held in detention for two days.

Aasi denied charges of stone-throwing, and was only freed on October 11th, after Israeli police finally viewed the camera footage taken from the storeroom where he worked.

B’Tselem said it does not know whether the Israeli soldiers who beat Aasi and made up false charges have been held accountable.

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