Dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded, on Tuesday at dawn, the southern West Bank city of Hebron, before breaking into the al-Huriya Radio and violently searching it, causing significant property damage, and ordered the media network shut for six months.The soldiers also confiscated equipment from the Radio, especially broadcast tools, and threatened to permanently shut the media network down, and demolish the building, should any person enter it.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian government has decided to hold its session, Tuesday, in Hebron due to the significant Israeli escalation and crimes carried out by both the soldiers and paramilitary settlers against the Palestinians and their property.

The government will also be discussing the issue of the al-Huriya Radio, as the attack is part of the Israeli assaults and escalation against media agencies and journalists in different parts of occupied Palestine.

Hebron Governor Kamel Hmeid said this would be the third government meeting in Hebron, and comes to challenge the illegal Israeli polices, violation and crimes.

Hmeid told Maan News Agency that the government stands with its people, the families of slain Palestinians, and will never bow to Israel’s intimidation, dictations and violations.

On Monday, the Palestinian Ministry of Information-Government Media Office (GMO) released a report documenting Israeli violations committed against Palestinian journalists taking place in the last month (since the beginning of ‘Jerusalem Intifada,’ from 1st, Oct. to 31, Oct, 2015).

On Sunday at dawn, October 11, Israeli soldiers invaded the offices of the Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement (PCR)/ International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC).