An Israeli settler, early Tuesday, was seen unleashing a number of stray dogs at the eastern entrance of the town of al-Khader, south of Bethlehem, before he fled the scene, according to local sources.Ahmad Salah, coordinator of the Anti-Settlement Committee in the village, said an Israeli settler was seen releasing a number of dogs from his car as he approached the entrance of the village in the early morning hours. The settler then forced his way out of the village immediately.

Salah said villagers in al-Khader recently experienced growing numbers of stray dogs; many locals have been attacked by dogs in the past few days, according to WAFA.

In July 2012, the Arab Organization for Human Rights in Britain (AOHR) revealed that illegal Jewish settlers and the Israeli forces in the West Bank release wild pigs on Palestinian farmlands. The organization noted that this was part of the settlers’ efforts to drive the Palestinians from their land in an act of “ethnic cleansing”.

According to the human rights group, the pigs generally begin their ‘task’ at sunset; Palestinian residents living near the illegal settlements are usually taken by surprise when they are attacked by groups of the pigs, which go on to damage their crops and terrorize their children.

The statement pointed out that Israeli soldiers watch the settlers burn Palestinians’ crops, uproot olive trees, shoot civilians, occupy houses and control private land. “They do nothing to stop settlers’ criminality, including the use of the wild pigs.”

‘The eradication of the pigs requires trained teams to use toxic bait and other means that need external support in light of the Israelis’ deliberate refusal to provide any assistance,’ it said.

Settlers recently stepped up their attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, amid growing tension and renewing clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli army and police.