Israeli forces, at dawn on Sunday, stormed, a number of print shops in Hebron, under the pretext of “incitement” against the Israeli occupation. In the village of Tabban, soldiers removed doors and windows from several tin shacks used for housing. Hebrew media claimed that Israeli soldiers took equipment from “Infinity” and “Lamasat” print shops, for supporting Hamas movement, and publishing incitement material.

Soldier also broke into several offices, in a building located in the neighborhood of Bab Al-Zawiya, and confiscated computers, in addition to private files.

The Israeli war on media and freedom of expression has been going for a while now, according to the PNN.

Last week, Israeli forces issued an order for the closure of a Hebron radio station, making it the third Palestinian news outlet to be shut down by Israeli authorities, in Hebron, for the month of November.

On November 3rd, soldiers broke into the headquarters of Al-Hurriyya Media Network, destroyed the offices, confiscated the tools and threatened to demolish the entire building if the network works again, accusing it of “inciting” Palestinians against the Israeli occupation.

The radio offices will be closed until 29 April 2016, and the building cannot be entered or restored, according to the military order.

In addition, several Palestinian news outlets have been cyber attacked for about a week, and the attacks were accredited to Israeli hackers.

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Also on Sunday, Israeli forces broke into the village of Tabban, east of Yatta town, also in the Hebron district, and removed the doors and windows of several tin shacks used as residential homes, according to local sources.

Rateb Jabour, coordinator of the Anti-Settlement Committee in Hebron, told WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency that an army force stormed the village in the morning and removed the doors and windows of multiple tin houses set up through international funding. The homes belong to two local families identified as Abu Obaid, and al-Hamamdeh.

Forces further sized drilling equipment used for digging water wells.

The village is part of Masafer Yatta, a collection of almost 19 hamlets to the south of Hebron which relies heavily on animal husbandry as the main source of livelihood. Located in Area C of the West Bank, under full Israeli administrative and military control, the area has been subject to repeated Israeli violations by settlers.

Operation Colomba, Nonviolent Peace Crops, has reported on multiple violations by the Israeli authorities in the area, including house demolitions, demolition of animal barns and other health facilities.

The congregation is surrounded by four Israeli settlements — deemed illegal, under international law — namely, Ma‘oun, Karmae’l, Yaqoub Dali, and Lifna. It has therefore been a frequent target of almost weekly attacks by Israeli Jewish settlers.

Nearby Israeli military checkpoints and bypass roads allocated to Israeli settlers have restricted local Palestinians’ access to their land, workplaces and market.

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