Israeli settlers, Sunday, unleashed dogs on a Palestinian shepherd in the northern Jordan Valley, causing him a serious injury in his foot, according to local sources.Aref Daraghmeh, who monitors settlement activities in the Jordan Valley, said settlers from the illegal settlement of Maskiyaot unleashed dogs at 18-year-old Rami Daraghmeh, causing him a serious injury in his left foot. He was transferred to the Turkish hospital in nearby Tubas city.

Doctors at the hospital informed Rami that his recovery requires a long-term physical therapy. Rami is the main provider for his family, according to WAFA.

Daraghmeh said various similar incidents occurred during the past few years, noting that many cases have been filed to the Israeli judiciary; but many were in vain.

In July 2012, the Arab Organization for Human Rights in Britain (AOHR) revealed that illegal Jewish settlers and the Israeli forces in the West Bank release wild pigs on Palestinian farmlands. The organization noted that this was part of the settlers’ efforts to drive the Palestinians from their land in an act of “ethnic cleansing”.

According to the human rights group, the pigs generally begin their ‘task’ at sunset; Palestinian residents living near the illegal settlements are usually taken by surprise when they are attacked by groups of the pigs, which go on to damage their crops and terrorize their children.

The statement pointed out that Israeli soldiers stand idly by as settlers burn Palestinians’ crops, uproot olive trees, shoot civilians, occupy houses and control private land. “They do nothing to stop settlers’ criminality, including the use of the wild pigs.”

Violence by extremist Jewish settlers is commonplace. On July 31, a group of Jewish fanatics attacked with firebombs two homes in the Nablus village of Douma.

The Douma attack claimed the lives of two Parents and their toddler son Ali Dawabsha, leaving Ahmad, 4, an orphan. Ahmad is still languishing in Israeli hospitals.

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