A Palestinian man was shot and killed Thursday morning in Hebron, in the Saddit al-Fahs area. Israeli troops took the body of the slain Palestinian away in a black bag.The man who was killed was identified as Eyad Jamal Ed’eis, 26, from Yatta town, south of Hebron.

After the shooting, the Israeli military claimed that Ed’eis had attempted to stab Israeli soldiers with a screwdriver, but there was no evidence of that at the scene.

Earlier on Thursday, Israeli soldiers invaded various towns and refugee camp in the Hebron district, and kidnapped eight Palestinians, after breaking into their homes and violently searching them. The kidnapped Palestinians have been identified as Ashraf Nabil Rajabi, 27, Hamed Khaled al-Qawasmi, Zakariyya Fahmi Ghatasha, 19, Mohammad Majed at-Teety, 17, his brother Ibrahim, 23, Raed Ahmad ‘Oqeilan, and Hebron District Court judge Musleh Mohammad Abu ‘Arram, 51.

On Wednesday afternoon near Hebron, Israeli forces fired tear gas at the Zahrat al-Madaim Girls School, filling classrooms with gas and causing dozens of girls to suffer from tear gas inhalation.

For the past two months, Israeli forces have closed off most parts of Hebron, preventing residents from using their cars, and from entering or leaving without a permit.

In an article this week in Middle East Eye, local resident Ali Alami was quoted as saying, “All of Hebron is like this now; it’s all closed off like a prison. We find ways to live around this humiliation, but it is not easy.”

Alami told the reporters that some people try to sneak past the newly-constructed barricades with their vehicles, but he does not believe it’s worth it, since anyone who is caught will have their vehicle seized by Israeli authorities and will be forced to pay an enormous fine.