An Israeli medic said on his Twitter page Thursday that field medical crews do not provide treatment to what he called “terrorists”, and stated that, in Hebron, he provided treatment to wounded Israelis “but I did not provide any treatment to the terrorist although he suffered more serious wounds.” The medic said he wanted to be clear in his message when he said, “To all who ask, when I got to the scene today in Jaffa Gate, I helped the wounded [Israelis], but not the hateful terrorist, although he suffered more critical wounds.”

In another Tweet, the Israeli medics said, “When you go to the site of a stabbing attack, and you realize that the victim suffered a serious injury, and the terrorist was shot and also suffered a serious injury, who do you help? Now you answer me.”

There have been many reports, some captured on video, showing Israeli medics ignoring wounded Palestinians, and leaving them to bleed to death, in direct violation of International Law.

Many Israeli medics also carry automatic machine guns despite the fact that whenever they operate in the occupied territories many fully armed soldiers always accompany them.

Palestinian medics said in response to the news that such a statement by a medic, a person who vows to help any person who needs help, regardless of his faith, race, tone of skin or any other aspect, validates various reports regarding wounded Palestinians who bled to death while Israeli medics refrained from providing them with the urgently needed medical treatment.

Nearly a month ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his office, accused the Palestinian Red Crescent of refusing to provide medical aid to wounded Israelis and soldiers, but after his claimed were refuted, he rescinded his accusations. Nearly two weeks ago, Palestinian news agencies published a video of Red Crescent medics rescuing a wounded Israeli soldier.

In October, when questioned about what appeared to be a practice of treating wounded Israelis first while ignoring Palestinians, the head of Magen David Adom said that the medics are not given instructions from above to do that. But he said they would continue to use different-colored body bags for Israeli and Palestinians who are killed, saying, ‘We need to distinguish between terrorists and Jews, and so we decided to put terrorists in black bags to distinguish.’