Israeli soldiers invaded, Thursday, several Palestinian communities in different parts of the West Bank districts of Nablus, Tubas and Hebron, searched dozens of homes, and kidnapped thirteen Palestinians.Media sources in Nablus, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, said dozens of soldiers invaded, on Thursday at dawn, the al-Fouqa neighborhood, in Beta town, searched many homes, and kidnapped two residents identified as Qassam ‘Enad Jaghoub, 23, and Ahmad Abdul-Rahman al-Faqe’, 22.

The sources added that the army also invaded the western neighborhood of the town, and kidnapped two Palestinians identified as Aysar Nidal Jaghoub, 23, and Mo’taz Hussein at-Tayeh, 22.

In Tubas, in the northern part of the West Bank, the soldiers invaded the home of former political prisoner Mustafa Maslamani, who was exiled by Israel from the West Bank to Gaza, and kidnapped his son, Jihad, 26.

The soldiers violently searched his home, causing excessive property damage, and interrogated the family.

Last week, undercover Israeli soldiers invaded the Maslamani family home, and kidnapped Jihad’s older brother.

Earlier on Thursday, Israeli soldiers invaded various towns and refugee camps in the Hebron district, and kidnapped eight Palestinians, after breaking into their homes and violently searching them.

The kidnapped Palestinians have been identified as Ashraf Nabil Rajabi, 27, Hamed Khaled al-Qawasmi, Zakariyya Fahmi Ghatasha, 19, Mohammad Majed at-Teety, 17, his brother Ibrahim, 23, Raed Ahmad ‘Oqeilan, and Hebron District Court judge Musleh Mohammad Abu ‘Arram, 51.