Can you imagine watching the sun setting as you look over the Dead Sea and the Jordan mountains in the distance? The Reshayda Desert has a lot to offer the adventure traveler.It is a place in the middle of the Jerusalem wilderness, south of Bethlehem, where one can take jeep rides deep into the desert wilderness, be welcomed by the Bedouin community with a hot cup of herbal tea, a traditional Palestinian meal or a place to overnight. The added plus is to catch the sun setting, and even early the next morning, the sun rising.

The Reshayda in the Jerusalem Wilderness lies in Area C, which is under the Israeli authority, and therefore, has no investment or development. The Masar Ibrahim al Khalil (the Abraham Path in Palestine) and the Siraj Center have included the Reshayda Wilderness as part of their activities with the aim to support the desert region, especially the Bedouin community, and to help protect its existence by organizing one-day, multi-day hikes and overnights. Among the highlights of the Reshayda Desert is watching the sunrise or sunset, which is from the Bedouins’ land that reaches the cliffs overlooking the Dead Sea.

MIAK and Siraj offer the Reshayda Sunset Walk, which takes the walker through the desert of Reshayda, experiencing the serene landscape, a jeep ride to the the sunset point, and back to the Bedouin tent to enjoy a cultural evening of Bedouin authentic hospitality.

Register now for a unique opportunity to the walk in the desert of Reshayda on Saturday, February 20th, where you will be able to watch the beautiful sunset with the Dead Sea in the foreground and the mountains of Jordan in the background, and then have fun with a Bedouin cultural evening of food, music and dancing.

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