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23 Dec

VIDEO: Christmas Parade Tours Streets of Bethlehem

Thousands of people went out to the streets of Bethlehem, to watch the annual Christmas parade touring Palestinian cities. The parade was launched on Friday evening, with the sound of religious hymns, heading toward Nativity Square, in the presence of official and legal personalities, in addition to families, children, and […]

21 Oct

Palestine Through The Eyes Of A Visitor

There are no words to describe the bleak reality of actual humans who are trapped and whose lives are scarred by loss, oppression and uncertainty. And yet, cling to hope against all odds. I am not writing about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If anything, I am acutely aware of my incompetence […]

30 Jul

USS Liberty Attack Survivor: Delegate on Freedom Flotilla Boat

Joe Meadors was selected as the delegate from the United States on the final 1,000-mile voyage to Gaza with the 2018 Gaza Freedom Flotilla. He was on the Al Awda or Return boat that was intercepted by Israeli authorities in international waters on July 29th. The 2018 flotilla took a 75-day voyage from Scandinavia to reach Gaza. […]

08 Jun

Bethlehem Mayor Meets with Paphos Counterpart to Discuss Future Efforts

On July 6th , Mayor of Bethlehem Anton Salman met with the Mayor of Paphos, Phedonas Phedonas, in the presence of the Municipal Council Member Shireen Bandak-Mauge, and, from the Mayor’s office, Ikram Juha. For his part, Salman spoke about the general situation in the city of Bethlehem, especially with regard to political and touristic realities, […]

14 Mar

VIDEO: Palestinian Culture and History Spotlighted after Tourism Agreement with Europe

An agreement signed between Masar Ibrahim al Khalil and representatives from seven European countries, on Monday night, marks a significant step forward for Palestinian tourism, says the Mayor of Bethlehem. The agreement between the Union of European Cultural Trails operating the pan-European St. James track and Masar Ibrahim, seeks to […]

04 Mar

Masar Ibrahim Launches 330km “Thru Hike” (VIDEO)

During its 330 kilometer hike that starts from Jenin, northern West Bank, to Hebron in the south, tourism experts have called on adopting Masar Ibrahim’s Thru Hike as a national touristic and environmental trail, to strengthen national Palestinian tourism as Israeli occupation continues to claim Palestinian sites as its own. […]

22 Dec

Tour Reveals Stunning History of Old City Bethlehem (VIDEO)

Over 20 people, including Palestinian journalists, researchers  and internationals, on Thursday, took part in a tour in the Old City District of Bethlehem, to learn more about the city’s history and little known facts. The tour, held by Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil (MIAK) organization and the Center for Cultural Heritage Preservation […]

20 Nov

Community Efforts to Develop Tourism in Palestine (VIDEO)

Masar Ibrahim al Khalil has organized, for a group of journalists (Palestinians and internationals working in Palestine), in the presence of Ms. Rula Maayah, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, a hiking trip within the Thruhike, aiming at promoting Palestinian tourism, especially hiking. The hike went through the Bedouin communities […]

16 Oct

Olive Picking in Palestine: Another Form of Solidarity (VIDEO)

A group of 70 elderly internationals, today, participated in an olive harvest in Wadi Fukin village, southwest of Bethlehem, central West Bank, located in area C and falling under Israeli control, according to the Oslo Accords. The group, according to the PNN, aims to help Palestinian farmers in these lands […]

06 Mar

Malta and Palestine Search for New Ways to Facilitate Tourism Investments (VIDEO)

As part of its efforts to promote cooperation between the countries of Palestine and Malta, the Maltese Middle Eastern Tourism Corporation, with the support of the Representative Office of Malta in Palestine, had organized a second meeting and cultural dinner for a group of businessmen in the city of Bethlehem, […]

03 Mar

Internet Users to Access Streets of Palestine via Google Maps

People around the world will soon be able to walk the streets of Palestinian cities, via Google Maps, says Safa Dweik, director of the maps department in Ramallah. She told WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency that Google and the Palestinian Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology (MTIT) have worked […]

18 Dec

New Documentary Introduces Tourists to Palestinian Nature, from Jenin to Hebron

December 18, 2016 8:14 PM IMEMC News & Agencies Palestine, Visit Palestine 0

Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil (MIAK), has recently published a documentary which introduces the touristic environmental paths in Palestine, allowing locals and internationals to explore Palestine and its nature through hiking a trail which runs through the West Bank, from the Mediterranean olive groves of the highlands of the north to the […]

01 Dec

Economic Collapse in East Jerusalem: Strategies for Recovery

Nur Arafeh , November 30, 2016, for Al Shabaka Palestinian Policy Network In an unusual move, and after years of neglect, American and European delegations and development agencies have recently been visiting East Jerusalem and showing an increased interest in “doing something” about its deteriorating socioeconomic conditions. Moreover, the Palestinian Authority (PA) is, […]

26 Oct

A Hike to the Sun

by Ameed Shehadeh DEAD SEA, October 25, 2016 (WAFA) – Before the trip, I told a friend of mine that I and 15 fellow reporters were going on a 15-kilometer hike into the desert, to take pictures of sunset above the Dead Sea. He broke into laughter. The hike kicked […]

27 Aug

Walk a path of history in Palestine (Video)

Walk a path of history; experience nature and hospitality in Palestine. Join us for a journey on the Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil, a new Palestinian hiking trail where kindness is a language spoken by all, and the storied wilderness is a constant companion. Discover a land full of life, and color […]

27 Jul

Discover Palestine on Wheels

We’re preparing to welcome you to Palestine for our next Bike tour which runs between the 15th and 22nd of September. The weather at that time of year is warm and pleasant. It is not too hot and the evenings are delightful. Siraj Center will provide you with bikes, helmets […]

20 Jul

Federico Busonero: “The Land that Remains”

Federico Busonero is an Italian photographer currently based in the Pacific Northwest. His book, ‘The Land That Remains’, is available to purchase from Hatje Cantz publishers and his website “The Palestine I visited remained elusive, transfixed in the stillness of its own time. I felt almost like an intruder as I […]

25 May

Burqin to Arraba

May 25, 2016 9:40 AM Siraj Center Visit Palestine 0

Here, the visitor can explore an ancient stately palace with impressive architecture and hidden doors for secret passages.

27 Apr

From Spring to Spring Ain Fawwar to Ain Qelt

An adventurous hike for nature lovers starts from the Wadi Qelt riverbed at Ain Fawwar, the Fawwar Springs to Ain Al Qelt, the Qelt Springs. Walking through Wadi Qelt, you will enjoy the silence of nature, the beauty of its flora and fauna.  The hike will take you through the […]

17 Mar

Wadi Qelt and St. George Monastery

Another breathtaking hike through nature, flora and fauna is that through Wadi Qelt. The hiker can only traverse Wadi Qelt from west to east, walking in its deep gorge. Since ancient times, this route has been used by people to travel from Jericho to Jerusalem. Today, it is being used […]

01 Mar

Mar Saba – Saint Saba

A short drive from Bethlehem can take you to one of the most beautiful desert monasteries in the Holy Land. The Greek Orthodox monastery of St. Saba, Mar Saba in Arabic, was founded on the cliffs of the Kidron Valley by Saint Saba of Cappadocia in 483 AD. After that, […]

25 Feb

Bani Naim via the Jerusalem Wilderness

February 25, 2016 2:08 PM Siraj Center Human Interest, Palestine, Visit Palestine 0

If you have never walked through a desert, this is a great time of the year to do so! Weather conditions are mild – perfect for a hike from the Jerusalem Wilderness to the mountainous region of Bani Naim.The Rashayda Desert is south of Bethlehem, where you will come across […]

16 Feb

Experience the Reshayda Desert Sunset!

February 16, 2016 1:20 PM Siraj Center Human Interest, Palestine, Visit Palestine 0

Can you imagine watching the sun setting as you look over the Dead Sea and the Jordan mountains in the distance? The Reshayda Desert has a lot to offer the adventure traveler.It is a place in the middle of the Jerusalem wilderness, south of Bethlehem, where one can take jeep […]

06 Feb

Retracing Abraham’s Footsteps in Southern Palestine Bani Naim to Hebron

February 6, 2016 4:19 PM Siraj Center Human Interest, Palestine, Visit Palestine 0

Retrace the footsteps of Abraham from the desert of Reshayda to Bani Naim to Hebron. As tradition says Abraham witnessed the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah from the mountainous region of Bani Naim – approximately 1,000 m above sea level. According to historians, this is the place where Abraham’s nephew, […]

14 Jan

Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil and Women Empowerment

January 14, 2016 5:53 PM Siraj Center Human Interest, Palestine, Visit Palestine 0

Women in rural communities along the Masar – the long distance walking path in Palestine, have been empowered by their new roles of catering and welcoming walkers into their homes, showing authentic Palestinian hospitality and offering homemade traditional meals.This segment of female participation in the Masar – the path, has […]

29 Dec

Siraj Center Plans Summer Celebration of Learning

December 29, 2015 6:15 PM Siraj Center News Report, Palestine, Visit Palestine 0

Young or old, the Palestinian Summer Celebration is your chance to experience Palestine by living in the Bethlehem area for either one or two unforgettable months!The Summer Celebration is a unique annual program that offers people from around the world countless opportunities to live daily life in Palestine, to experience […]

24 Dec

Siraj Center; Tourism For True Rapprochement Between People

December 24, 2015 4:36 PM Siraj Center News Report, Palestine, Visit Palestine 0

The Siraj Center makes up the Alternative Travel Department of The Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement between People (PCR). The Siraj Center is a nonprofit tour operator, and is licensed by the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.The goal is to bridge the gaps between Palestinians and people from all around […]

16 Dec

Bani Naim – The Resting Place of Abraham’s Nephew, Lot

December 16, 2015 9:09 PM Siraj Center Human Interest, Palestine, Visit Palestine 0

The name of the town of Bani Naim originates from an Arab tribe that had settled in the area centuries ago. The town is located approximately 8 km southeast of Hebron, the largest city in the West Bank. Bani Naim is a mountainous area – approximately 1,000 m above sea […]