Israeli soldiers killed, Friday, a young Palestinian man, and accidentally injured a Palestinian woman, allegedly after the young man attempted to stab police officers, mildly wounding two before he was shot dead.The slain Palestinian has been identified as Mohammad Ziad Abu Khalaf, 20, from Kafr Aqab Palestinian neighborhood, in occupied Jerusalem.

The soldiers fired several live rounds on the Palestinian, seriously wounding him, and left him to bleed to death, the Palestinian News & Info Agency said.

Israeli sources said a Border Policeman was hit in the head, and that the second officer suffered a bruise in his hand, before they were moved to Shaare Zedek Medical Center, in Jerusalem.

The wounded Palestinian woman was just passing by when the incident took place, and suffered a shrapnel in her leg, from ricochet of a bullet fired by the soldiers when they targeted Abu Khalaf.

The army and police completely sealed Bab al-‘Amoud area, and deployed more troops.The police said it is reviewing surveillance footages as a security measure.

Israeli soldiers have killed at least 180 Palestinians, including 49 children and several women, since October 1, 2015.