Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, has said that US Vice President Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to Israel is an expression of great relations between the two countries.“This visit is an expression of the great relations between Israel and our ally, the United States,” Netanyahu said.

He then confirmed, according to the PNN, that the relationship is great and will not collapse as some “have already envisioned a collapse to these relations.”

“Our relationship (with the US) is great in all areas, even in the face of the challenges we face together in our region, which I will of course discuss with the Vice President during his visit,” he said.

Biden departed from Washington on Saturday, March 5, for his five-day visit to the region that will focus on the situation in Iran and Syria, as well as U.S. economic and energy interests. On March 8, he is expected to meet with Netanyahu and, later on, with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Netanyahu’s statement came even though a senior White House official told reporters, Friday, that Biden would not make any major recommendations on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, but would focus on increasing cooperation on a number of issues, including the fight against the Islamic State and the Syrian conflict.

The White House said Biden’s itinerary included stops in the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

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