The Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate denounced, Friday, the Israeli invasion into Palestine Today Satellite TV Agency, in the occupied West Bank, the military orders shutting it down, and the abduction of three journalists.The Syndicate slammed invasion into the new agency the abduction of Farouq ‘Oleyyat, the head of Palestine TV, from his home in Birzeit town, and the abduction of journalist Mohammad Amro and Broadcast Technician Shabeeb Shbeib.

‘Oleyyat was kidnapped after the soldiers stormed his home in Birzeit town while the journalist and technician were kidnapped from the TV’s headquarters in TransMedia Production and News Services, in al-Biereh.

The soldiers confiscated broadcast equipment, before posting the official closure notice on the media agency’s main door.

The Syndicate said the assault is part of the illegal Israeli attacks, and escalated violations against media agencies and journalists in occupied Palestine, adding that such violations reflect the bankrupt and aggressive Israeli policies.

It called on Arab and international media agencies, and unions, to denounce the Israeli violations and to pressure Israel into halting these illegal policies targeting basic rights, including the right to the Freedom of Speech.