Forensic Architecture – The Gaza platform is an innovative new tool being used to investigate human rights abuses. Amnesty International commissioned Goldsmiths University’s Forensic Architecture department to build a unique database using all available satellite imagery, broadcast news and citizen generated footage, stills, tweets, press reports and releases etc generated during the 50 days of the Gaza Conflict 2014 to build a definitive picture of what happened minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day as a way of investigating war crimes.

The aim to identify trends and patterns in the military strategy to counter Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s statement to the United Nations that Israel had done “everything possible to minimise Palestinian civilian casualties”.

Amnesty International’s conclusions on Israeli human rights abuses, during the 2014 attack on the Gaza Strip:

“Amnesty International investigated a number of cases where large numbers of people from the same family have died. So, in one case for example, Abu Jame’ family, in Khan Younis. There were 24 members of the family in the home. And, as they were preparing to break their fast during the month of Ramadan, one fighter, who was fleeing an area of fighting, had come and hid underneath a balcony outside of the home. Now, Israel bombed the house and killed 24 people in it. That attack is clearly disproportionate.”

via the Alternative Information Center, Beit Sahour.