A group of armed illegal colonizers attacked, on Wednesday, a European delegation that was visiting the Bedouin community of Wadi As-Seeq, east of Ramallah, in the central occupied West Bank.

Diplomats from ten European countries participated in a tour of the threatened community, organized by the Israeli human rights organization, B’Tselem, were harassed by illegal Israeli settlers during the visit.

The Bedouin community of Wadi As-Seeq, located in “Area C”, is under full Israeli civil and administrative control, and threatened with displacement by Israeli occupation authorities.

Media sources said that the illegal colonizers harassed the visiting delegation, followed them, and one them pointed his weapon at the delegation, threatening to shoot.

The German Representative Office stated on their Twitter account;

“Joint International Community visit of Bedouin communities in Area C East of Ramallah. Extremely concerned by lack of infrastructure, settler violence and possibly forcible transfer. We recall Israel’s legal responsibility to ensure safety of civil population in occupied territories.”

The European Union Delegation stated on their Twitter account;

“Today, during a diplomatic visit to Palestinian communities in Area C, already displaced or threatened by displacement, European, and other diplomatic missions were violently harassed by Israeli settlers.”

“We reiterate our concern over the growing problem of settler violence and call on International Law authorities to take action against violent settlers, dismantle illegal outposts and provide protection for the occupied Palestinian population.”

A number of communities in the occupied West Bank have recently been displaced due to the constant attacks by illegal settlers, according to the latest report by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

The report stated that, “A total of 1,105 people from 28 Communities – about 12% of their population – have been displaced from their places of residence since 2022, citing settler violence and the prevention of access to grazing land by settlers as the primary reason.”