Armed Israeli settlers invading Hebron (archive image - source: ISM)

Armed Israeli settlers early on Monday, attacked a Palestinian family in the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron, a local source reported.

According to Zeidan Alsharbaty, who lives in the Alshuhdaa St. in Hebron’s downtown, several armed Israeli settlers infiltrated onto the rooftop of his family home, Israeli soldiers were also present.

Alsharbaty told Palestinian Wafa News Agency that the armed settlers vandalized water tanks and tore down a Palestinian national flag, before they replaced it with an Israeli flag.

“As we attempted to intercept them, they escaped towards the nearby Beit Hadasa colonial settlement, which was illegally erected on Palestinian-owned land. As they were fleeing, they shouted angrily against me, my brother and other family members, yelling insults at us”, Alsharbaty told Wafa News Agency.

He said that he and his family are now concerned that the attacking settlers might have poisoned the water inside the tanks on their rooftop.”

“We are waiting for the municipality teams to come over to checks our tanks”, Alsharbaty added.

In the meantime, Israeli troops reportedly abducted, on Monday morning three Palestinians in the northern occupied West Bank city of Jenin. All three are former prisoners of Israeli occupation jails, .

Local sources in Jenin, told Wafa News Agency that Israeli troops abducted Kefah Hantouli, after having broken into his home in the Kharouba neighborhood of Jenin.

In a concurrent abduction operation, Israeli troops invaded the homes of Sami Alkilani from Ya’bad village and Fadi Abu Salah from Arraba village, which are parts of Jenin.

The three abducted Palestinians were reportedly taken to unknown destinations.

Israeli army abduction of Palestinian civilians in the West Bank occur on a daily basis.

Image: ISM