On Wednesday, Israeli soldiers abducted at least eleven Palestinians from Nablus, Ramallah, and Jerusalem in the occupied West Bank.

In the northern West Bank, media sources in Nablus said the undercover Israeli soldiers infiltrated the city’s Eastern Area before abducting a teenage boy, Abdullah Sultan Az-Zamer, from the Askar refugee camp.

The sources added that the soldiers abducted Ala Majed Snobar and Ahmad Hisham Snobar from Yitma town, south of Nablus.

Furthermore, the soldiers invaded Qabalan town, southeast of Nablus, searched homes, and abducted Soheib Abdul-Mon’em Al-Aqra’ and Hazem Qassem Aqra’.

The soldiers also assaulted and injured a Palestinian man at the Za’tara military roadblock south of Nablus and abducted him.

The soldiers dragged the man out of his car and assaulted him before cuffing and placing him in a military vehicle.

Also, the soldiers abducted Fuad Mohammad Badawi, 27, from Betunia town, west of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, after stopping him at a military roadblock near Nablus while he was heading home.

In Um Safa village, north of Ramallah, the soldiers abducted Wajd Najeh Tanatra, 20, and Jasser Tanatra, 21, from their homes.

In Ras Karkar village, northwest of Ramallah, the soldiers abducted Saleh Jamil Nofal, 44, from his home.

In occupied Jerusalem, the soldiers invaded the Al-Isawiya town, stormed and searched homes, and abducted a teenage boy, Mohammad Darwish.

The soldiers also invaded the Ar-Ram town, north of Jerusalem, and installed a roadblock in the Dahiat Al-Barid area before stopping and searching dozens of cars.

In related news, the soldiers invaded Jericho city and the Ein Al-Sultan refugee camp in the northeastern West Bank, stormed and searched homes, leading to protests.