Israeli forces abducted, on Tuesday, ten Palestinians, including a child, a young woman, an elderly citizen, and a former prisoner, in several regions of the occupied West Bank.

Before dawn Tuesday, occupation forces abducted a University student in the village of Jinsafut, east of Qalqilia in the northwestern part of the West Bank.

Media sources said that soldiers invaded the home of the An-Najah National University student, Falah Mohammad Eid, before abducting him.

In ‘Azzun town, east of the city, occupation forces abducted the two young men, Mohammad Ziyad Hussein and Yamen Mahmoud Al-Bam, after storming and searching their homes.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday morning, the army stormed an exchange shop in the city of Jericho, in the northeastern part of the West Bank, and the Aqabat Jabr refugee camp, southwest of the city, abducting one.

Media sources said that Israeli forces invaded the Aqabat Jabr refugee camp, southwest of Jericho and abducted the citizen, Jihad Salah Yaghi, 35.

Sources added that soldiers broke into an exchange shop in the center of Jericho, and confiscated money and surveillance camera recordings.

At dawn Tuesday, occupation forces abducted a Birzeit University student, in the city of Al-Biereh in the central occupied West Bank.

Media sources said that soldiers invaded and searched the home of the student, Fawzi Abu Kwaik, before abducting him.

Furthermore, Israeli forces abducted a female Birzeit University student in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, on Tuesday afternoon.

Media sources said that soldiers abducted the young woman, Zeina Majd Barbar, before transferring her to the Al-Maskobiyya detention center.

In the southern West Bank, occupation forces abducted a Palestinian young man in the village of Husan, west of Bethlehem, on Tuesday morning.

Media sources said that soldiers broke into and searched the home of Hatem Mahmoud Shusha, 24, in the village, before abducting him.

Moreover, Israeli forces abducted two Palestinians and injured others, in the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron in the southern West Bank.

According to Mohammad Awad, a local activist, Israeli troops stormed the town of Beit Ummar, on Tuesday morning, and invaded several citizens’ homes after destroying their doors and ransacking their contents.

Awad said that the soldiers detained several citizens inside their homes, assaulted them, and abducted the former prisoner, Aktham Youssef Hassan Akhil, 35, after brutally assaulting him.

He also reported that Israeli forces abducted the child, Raad Awad Hassan Awad, 14, from his home in the town.

Media sources said that local Palestinians protested the incursion, while soldiers opened fire with live rounds, tear gas canisters, and concussion grenades, causing dozens of citizens to sustain inhalation injuries from tear gas exposure.

In the evening, Israeli forces invaded the village of Beit ‘Amra, south of Hebron, assaulted citizens, and abducted an elderly citizen.

Media sources said that the army stormed the home of the Al-Farouni family in the village of Beit ‘Amra, and proceeded to assault citizens and abducted an elderly member of the family.

According to a statement from the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) and the Commission of Detainees’ and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs, at least 16 Palestinian citizens, including children and former prisoners, were abducted by occupation forces between Monday evening and Tuesday morning, in the governorates of Qalqilia, Nablus, Jericho, Ramallah, Bethlehem, and Hebron.

The statement added that the total number of abductions since October 7, 2023 has reached more than 9,600, including those who were abducted from their homes, through military roadblocks, those who were forced to surrender themselves under pressure, and those who were held hostage.