Israeli soldiers abducted twelve Palestinians, including a father and his three sons, in Beit Ummar and Deir Samit towns, north and southwest of the southern West Bank governorate of Hebron.

Several army jeeps invaded the Beit Ummar before the soldiers stormed and ransacked homes and interrogated several Palestinians.

The soldiers abducted Mershed Mohammad Za’aqeeq, 47, and his sons Mohannad, 23, Mohammad, 26, and Majdi, 18, and took them to a nearby military base.

In Deir Samir town, the soldiers searched many homes and abducted Khader Deeb al-Hroub,47, Yousef Mohammad al-Hroub, 35, Ismael Husin al-Hroub, 62, Khader Mohammad Deeb al-Hroub, 25, Tawfiq Mohammad Abdul-Fattah al-Hroub, 49, Issa Mohmmad al-Hroub, 28, Arafat al-Hroub, 29, and Mohammad Yousef al-Hroub, 40.

On Monday dawn, the soldiers abducted three Palestinians, including the brother of a political prisoner who began a hunger strike 53 days earlier in Ethna town northwest of Hebron.