Israeli forces assaulted and detained 4 Palestinians, on Tuesday in occupied Jerusalem, and detained a Palestinian teen in the northern occupied West Bank, the Palestinian WAFA News Agency reported.

Soldiers detained four Palestinians from Al-Tur town, in occupied Jerusalem, after physically assaulting them and pepper spraying them in their faces.

The Palestinian civilians were identified as, Wael Abu Hatab, 48, Mahmoud Abu Laban, 22, Ahmed Kabaja, 20, and Dawood Abu Al Hatab, 19.

Eyewitnesses stated that the army stormed a Palestinian vehicle at the Al-‘Isawiya military roadblock and beat, pepper sprayed, and handcuffed the men, taking them to the police station in occupied Jerusalem.

Additionally the army detained a Palestinian teen, on Tuesday evening, from Ya’bad town, southwest of Jenin in the northern occupied West Bank.

The child, identified as, Muhammad Jaber Rayhan, 17, was detained by Israeli soldiers near the Israeli Dotan military base (Camp 80) built on Palestinian lands.