Israeli forces detained, at dawn on Monday, nine Palestinian civilians from different areas of the occupied West Bank, according to the Jerusalem Press.

Israeli soldiers invaded Al Mazraa Al Gharbia town, north of Ramallah in the central West Bank and stormed the homes of Ahmed Osama Ladawi and Abdel Moati Ladadoa, before detaining both young men.

In Bethlehem, soldiers invaded Jabal Al-Mawaleh neighborhood, searched the home of Tamer Nasser Awad, 19, and detained him.

Soldiers also invaded the Al-Fawagra neighborhood in Bethlehem, stormed and ransacked the home of Ibrahim Hani Souman, 29, before detaining him.

In the northern West Bank, the army detained Muthanna Khaled Kamil, a resident of Qabatiya town south of Jenin, while he was at the trial of his family member at the Israeli ‘Salem’ military court, located near Salem village, northwest of Jenin.

According to the Wadi Hilweh Information Center (Silwanic), Israeli intelligence officers along with soldiers stormed occupied East Jerusalem, detaining three brothers, Qais, Marwan and Musa Mustafa from the Al-‘Isawiya and Omar Muhammad Shweiki from the Al-Thawri neighborhood.

South of Hebron city in the southern West Bank, soldiers detained a young man from Khirbet al-Karmel in Yatta, the Palestinian News and Information Agency (WAFA) reported.

~ Jerusalem Press, Silwanic, WAFA