The young man killed by Israeli soldiers in a pre-dawn raid in Jenin has been identified as Ahmad Ismael Jarrar, 31 – the cousin of the man that the Israeli forces were targeting.

The soldiers conducted the raid allegedly to extrajudicially execute a man (Ahmad Nasr Jarrar, 22) accused of the murder of an Israeli. But instead, they ended up killing the man’s cousin, Ahmad Ismael Jarrar. The two men look nothing alike, and are ten years separated in age.

How the Israeli soldiers confused the two is unknown, but it has become clear in the hours following the attack that they extrajudicially executed the wrong man.

Even if they had killed the targeted person, extrajudicial assassinations are considered illegal under international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

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Army Kills A Young Palestinian Man, Injures Several Others, In Jenin

Jan 18, 2018 @ 04:18

Israeli soldiers killed, on Thursday at dawn, a young Palestinian man, after shooting him with live fire, and a shell, in his home, in Wad Burqin area, west of Jenin, as he exchanged fire with them when they surrounded his home.

Israel claims that the Palestinian, identified as Ahmad Nasr Jarrar, 22, participated in the fatal shooting last week, when an Israeli colonist, identified as Rabbi Raziel Shevach, was killed in a drive-by shooting.

It is worth mentioning that Ahmad is the son of Nasr Jarrar, who was killed by Israeli army fire in Jenin, in 2002.

Hours after killing Nasr, the soldiers detonated his home, by firing shells and heavy fire at it, then a military bulldozer leveled it, after using loud speakers, ordering the Palestinians in the building to surrender, and abducted them.

After detonating and demolishing the home, the soldiers continued to fire live rounds, while sounds of further explosions could be heard, but the soldiers refused to allow ambulances and firefighters from entering the area.

The invasion and the killing of the young man, led to massive protests, before the soldiers fired dozens of live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets and gas bombs, causing several injuries, including at least one, who was shot with live fire.

On Wednesday, evening that soldiers invaded Jenin, and Jenin refugee camp, confiscated surveillance recordings, before abducting two Palestinians, and injured many others.

The soldiers also invaded and ransacked several stores, and confiscated surveillance recordings, in Jenin city.

At least thirty vehicles participated in the invasion into Jenin and Jenin refugee camp, after the soldiers surrounded, and isolated, many areas.