PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, on Thursday, criticized Israeli efforts to expel Deputy Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process and the Humanitarian Coordinator for OPT, Robert Piper.

In response to media inquiries regarding the topic, Ashrawi said “Israel insists on escalating its language of threat and intimidation against anyone who dares reveal the truth about the oppressive policies of the toxic occupation.

“The world needs diplomats and leaders of courage and integrity such as Robert Piper who do not succumb to Israeli intimidation and high-handed methods.”

She said, according to WAFA, that Israel’s request to the UN to terminate Piper’s tenure and threatening to revoke his residency permit is breaking all norms of diplomatic and civil behavior.

“Such arrogance and browbeating have become characteristic of Israeli policies, mainly due to the preferential treatment it receives and the lack of will on the part of the international community to hold it accountable.

Ashrawi pointed out that Israel is attempting to make the whole world complicit in its occupation and its cruel and illegal measures; otherwise it will use all means available to avoid scrutiny and evade intervention or censure.

“Israel should not be the arbiter on the eligibility of global partners, and it should not be provided with the legal, moral and security covers by the U.S. and others to impose its will on the rest of the international community,” she concluded.

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