Israeli forces,Ā on Sunday afternoon, broke into Aida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem, where they raided a cultural centerĀ and kidnapped a number ofĀ youth, causing clashes to erupt in the vicinity.

PNN correspondenceĀ said that soldiersĀ broke into both the camp and Lajeeā€™ cultural center, where they detsinedĀ four youth., two of whichĀ were identified as ā€˜Aahed Munther Amira (20) and Firas Nasrallah (26), both who work at the center.

The two were reportedly installing a new childrenā€™s game at the center’s garden area.

Clashes broke out in the camp following the break-in.

Israeli forcesĀ have been carrying out such raids on the camp and the center for about week, now.

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