Illegal Israeli colonialist settlers flooded the al-Khan al-Ahmar Bedouin Palestinian community with Sewage water, in an attempt to force the inhabitants to leave their Dwellings, just as the ultimatum set by the Israeli court for their displacement went into effect, Monday.

Abdullah Abu Rahma, a senior nonviolent activist and the head of Save al-Khan al-Ahmar Campaign, said both the Israeli soldiers and the colonialist settlers are constantly increasing the suffering of the Palestinians, and continuously violating their rights, even their very existence, in order to remove and displace them.

Abu Rahma said the assailants, from Kfar Adumim illegal colony, flooded the community with Sewage water, in yet another means of assaults and violations against nearly 200 Palestinians, including children.

“Both the settlers and the soldiers are partaking in these violations and war on the inhabitants of a-Khan al-Ahmar,” he said, “But the violations, and isolation of the community, will not only increase the steadfastness and determination of the villagers.”

He also called for increasing the support and solidarity with the Bedouin community, to foil the illegal Israeli plans of displacement, and replacing the Palestinians with illegal colonialist settlers.

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Eid Abu Dahouk, the mayor of al-Khan al-Ahmar, said that “by flooding the community with sewage, the colonialist settlers are engaging in a new form of war against the inhabitants.

He warned of the grave consequences, and health risks resulting from this serious violation against al-Khan al-Ahmar, especially the children, in addition to the livestock, the only source of livelihood of the families.

The Palestinians, along with international peace activists, are ongoing with their nonviolent protests in al-Khan al-Ahmar, despite the constant assaults, violations and threats of forceful eviction.

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On September 5th, the Israeli supreme court denied an appeal against the demolition of the Palestinian community, and ordered its removal and displacement.

The first ruling by the court was made in May of this year, when it granted the military a green light for demolishing it.

There are approximately 200 Palestinians living in al-Khan al-Ahmar, %53 of them are children, and %95 of the population are refugees officially registered by the UNRWA. The community has one school providing education to 170 children.

It is worth mentioning that al-Khan al-Ahmar is surrounded by several illegal Israeli colonies, while Israel wants to remove it as part of its E1 colonialist project, which aims at surrounding occupied Jerusalem with a chain of Jewish-only colonies, and blocking the geographical contiguity of the occupied West Bank, and completely isolating the Palestinians from Jerusalem.