Israeli authorities have been urged by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) to immediately release Palestinian journalist, Sameh Al-Titi, or to disclose any charges against him, Middle East Monitor reported.

Al-Titi, a reporter for the Hebron University-affiliated broadcaster Radio Alam, was arrested by Israeli occupation forces on 9 December, at his home in al-Arroub refugee camp, in the southern West Bank.

According to CPJ, Al-Titi is being held at the Petah Tikva interrogation facility, near Tel Aviv, and that “authorities have not disclosed any reason for his arrest or any charges against him.”

Sameh’s brother Alaa, was reported to posted on Facebook on 11 December, that a military court prevented his brother from meeting with a lawyer, and extended his detention for an additional eight days while authorities conduct an investigation.”

“We are very concerned about the arrest of Sameh al-Titi, given Israel’s frequent use of legal measures, including administrative detention, to keep journalists in jail without bringing any charges against them,” CPJ Middle East and North Africa Representative, Ignacio Miguel Delgado declared.

“Israeli authorities should immediately explain why they are holding al-Titi or let him go”.

Alaa al-Titi also described on Facebook, how Israeli forces seized his brother’s laptop and mobile phone during the invasion.

It was noted that “one day before his arrest, al-Titi published an article on the Quds News Network criticizing the Israeli government for using sports to bolster its international reputation.”

The Israeli occupation authorities have yet to reply to the group’s request for comment.