On Sunday, Day 247 of the ongoing genocide of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army killed and injured dozens of Palestinians in several parts of the Gaza Strip, especially in Central Gaza.

Five Palestinians, including three siblings, were killed and many injured when the army fired a missile at a home for the Shafe’ey family in Camp 2 in Nusseirat, in central Gaza.

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Sources at the Al-Awda Hospital in Jabalia, in northern Gaza, said six slain Palestinians and 22 injured were moved to the medical facility due to Israeli bombing and shelling of Nusseirat.

Two Palestinians were killed and many injured when the army fired a missile at a center housing displaced families in the Al-Boreij refugee camp, in central Gaza.

In addition, casualties were reported after the Israeli army fired a missile at a home for the Abu Doqqa family, east of Deir Al-Balah, in central Gaza.

Al-Jazeera has reported that the Israeli army fired many artillery shells at various areas in the eastern parts of the Al-Maghazi and the Al-Boreij refugee camps, and various areas north of Nusseirat refugee camp.

Al-Jazeera added that the Israeli army bombarded a building housing displaced families in Al-Boreij, killing two Palestinians and wounding many.

Medical sources have confirmed many fatalities and injuries when the army fired a missile at a home in Deir Al-Balah.

Medical sources said the corpses of four Palestinians were found during the search of the rubble of a home the army bombed in the Al-Maghazi refugee camp, in central Gaza, and added many were injured in the attack.

Furthermore, the Israeli army also wired and detonated many homes and residential buildings in the Abu Al-Ajeen area, in the eastern part of Deir Al-Balah.

Rami Abdu, Assist. Prof of Law & Finance, Chairman of EuroMed Human Rights Monitor, said “The number of victims in the Nusseirat massacre (Saturday) has risen to 274 Palestinians, including 64 children and 57 women.” About 698, inducing many children and women, have been injured, many seriously.

Abdu added that the “Israeli army used two civilian cars under the guise of aid or to transport displaced persons and carry out the Nusseirat massacre,” and that the soldiers who committed the massacres disguised themselves as displaced persons.”

He also said that the “Israeli army bombed 89 homes and residential buildings during the Nusseirat massacre.”

In addition, sources at the Baptist Hospital in the center of Gaza City said four slain Palestinians and many wounded were rushed to the medical facility after the army bombarded a home for the Kassab family in the Daraj neighborhood in the city.

Furthermore, the army fired an artillery shell at a home on the Omar Al-Mokhtar Street in the Daraj neighborhood.

In Rafah, in Gaza’s southmost part, the army continued the firing of artillery shells and missiles at the Al-Khirba, Mosbeh, and Arabiya, causing many casualties.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said the army “committed eight massacres of families in the Gaza Strip,” and that 283 slain Palestinians and 814 wounded, were moved to hospitals in the last 24 hours, while many remain under the rubble.

Israel has now killed at least 37.084 Palestinians, and injured more than 84.494, mostly women, children, and elderly, in addition to the thousands who remain under the rubble of bombarded homes and buildings, and in alleys, in various parts of the Gaza Strip.