The Palestinian Detainees’ Committee has reported that a detainee, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, and was not provided the essential urgently-needed treatment in Israeli prisons, has died Saturday.

In a joint statement, the Detainees’ Committee and the Palestinian Prisoners Society, said Hussein Hosni Atallah, 57, from the northern West Bank city of Nablus, died at Assaf Harofeh Israeli medical center.

They added that Atallah suffered from cancer in his lungs, spine, liver, pancreas and brain.

He was diagnosed with the disease two years ago, but did not receive the advanced medical treatment he urgently needed, until he was recently moved to a hospital in Israel.

Through its lawyer, the Palestinian Detainees’ Committee, filed many appeals for his early release, so that he can receive specialized care, but the prison authority refused despite official reports by a medical team from the International Red Cross, and the prison doctor, stressing on the seriousness of his condition.

The Palestinian Detainees Committee and the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society held Israel responsible for his death, especially for failing to provide him with medical checkups and specialized treatment, and denounced the Israeli authorities for refusing to release him to spend his final fays with his family, although he already served two-thirds of his sentence, and could have been released.

It is worth mentioning that Atallah was serving a 32-year prison sentence, after being convicted of killing an Israeli police woman, and spent 21 years in prisons prior to his death.