The head of the Palestinian Detainees Committee Issa Qaraqe stated, Saturday, that hunger striking detainees Anas Shadeed and Ahmad Abu Fara have stopped drinking water, four days ago, and that they are ongoing with the strike amidst serious, life-threatening, deteriorations in their health condition.  

The two detainees are at the Assaf HaRofeh Israeli medical center; they both started their hunger strike 85 days ago, and stopped drinking water four days ago, demanding an end to their illegal and arbitrary administrative detention, without charges or trial.

The detainees’ lawyer Ahlam Haddad managed to visit them, on Saturday evening, accompanied by Palestinian physician Mohammad Jadallah, from occupied Jerusalem.  

Dr. Jadallah examined the two detainees, and said they have not been able to urinate, an issue that could indicate kidney failure, which could reach an irreversible condition.  

He also said that the detainees are unable to move their lower limbs, are suffering from damage to their optic nerves and heart muscles, in addition to ulcers in the mouths and throats, constant headaches, teeth pain, joints pain, abdomen pain, and very serious weight loss.

Dr. Jadallah said the two detainees could face death, especially if they continue to refrain from drinking water, or other liquids.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli Physicians For Human Rights filed, Friday, an urgent appeal to the Israeli High Court, asking it to release the two detainees, and said that doctors would unlikely be able to save their lives should their health conditions continue to decline in this dangerous level.