As part of Israeli Apartheid Week 2017, the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) organised a street theatre act on Henry Sreet, to raise awareness about the inhumane and unjust daily life that Palestinian’s face at checkpoints under the control of an apartheid regime.

Israeli Apartheid Week, according to the PNN, will be held in Dublin between the 4th and 9th of March, and will include events to celebrate thirteen years of the BDS Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions movement, the global resistance to Israel’s apartheid regime, denial of Palestinian rights violations, war crimes and other international law violations.

Head of the IPSC, Faten Tamimi, said that a group of Palestinian and Irish activists had set up a mock wall and checkpoint in Dublin, where some of the activists dressed as soldiers and carried guns, stopping Irish citizens and investigating them, taking their ID cards, in addition to arrests only to show the experience which Palestinians face on a daily basis, to reflect the restriction of movement and human rights violations by these acts.

Tamimi added that numerous Irish citizens have lived under similar conditions, and have interacted with this activity, asking questions and wanting to know more about it.

Tamimi also thanked everyone who helped out by taking part, holding the wall, leafleting and supporting the action .

Apartheid Week activities also include an information stall about HP collusion in Israeli human rights abuses, in addition to a photo exhibition and film screening.

Archive IMEMC — 12/22/14 Documentary: Ireland & Palestine