The European Union (EU) missions, in Jerusalem and Ramallah, released a statement Thursday, condemning Israel’s demolition of the al-Tahadi 13 school in al-Simiya village, Maan reported.

The school, located in the southern West Bank district of Hebron, destroyed by Israeli authorities, December 5, 2018 , was the 5th school in 2018 to be demolished in the occupied West Bank, according to the EU mission statement.

The EU missions indicated their “strong concern” about the Al-Tahadi school demolition, stating that it served 40 schoolchildren from grades 1-6. Since the school is located in Area C, Israel has full military and administrative control.

The statement went on to say that “every child has the right to access education and states have an obligation to protect, respect, and fulfill this right, by ensuring that schools are inviolable safe spaces for children.”

Under international humanitarian law, Israel, as the occupying power, has an obligation to protect the civilian population. The EU statement implored the authorities to “halt demolitions and confiscation of Palestinian houses and property”.

The Jerusalem and Ramallah based missions from the EU enjoined the Israeli occupying powers, “to rebuild the school structures in the same place without delay.”