Member of Hamas’s political bureau, Mohamed Nazzal, has strongly denounced Twitter and Facebook for blocking Palestinian pages in response to Israel’s dictates.

In remarks to Quds Press. on Tuesday, Nazzal said that Twitter recently blocked his page and dozens of pages belonging to Palestinian national figures because of their positions in support of the Palestinian resistance.

He added, according to Days of Palestine, that a similar practice was already taken by Facebook’s administration, deploring what he described as social media moguls, for being tools utilized by Israel.

He also slammed the social media companies for flouting the freedom of opinion and being biased against the vulnerable people of Palestine.

The Hamas official urged all Palestinian, Arab and Islamic personages and institutions to boycott Facebook and Twitter, in protest of the block.

In compliance with agreements with the Israeli government, the administrations of Facebook and Twitter have systematically blocked pages of Palestinian media outlets, national figures and activists, and removed postings that showed support for the Palestinian people and exposed Israel’s crimes and violations.