The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) informed that the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) of Hasharon has imposed many sanctions on Palestinian female detainees who protested against surveillance cameras and refused to go out to the daily “break” for 48 days in a row.

PPS noted that the IPS has prevented many Palestinian detainees from meeting with their families and disconnected some Arab channels.

The detainees complain of bad treatment they receive at the clinic, so and IPS has cut their visits for the past two weeks.

PPS mentioned that the IPS turned off the surveillance cameras a long time ago, after the prisoners protested against them. However, the cameras have returned, water has been reduced and thousands of books have been withheld, following the visiting of Israeli Internal Security Minister Gilaad Arad, who created a special Committee to withdraw the achievements of detainees.

31 female detainees are held in Hasharon prison, in addition to 20 others in Damon prison.