Michael Lynk, United Nations (UN) special rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), spoke last week in a session of the UN Human Rights Council, stating that Israeli settlements amount to a war crime, Reuters reports.

Lynk confirmed that Israeli settlements meet the definition of a war crime under the Rome Statute, violating the ban on the occupying power transferring part of its civilian population into an occupied territory.

In reference to the demolitions of Bedouin tents in the Jordan Valley last week, which left Palestinians without food or water, Lynk said it was “both unlawful and heartless”.

I submit to you that this finding compels the international community … to make it clear to Israel that its illegal occupation, and its defiance of international law and international opinion, can and will no longer be cost-free.”

– Michael Lynk

According to Quds News Network, Garneau made the following statements, Monday, after a five-day visit to the Middle East, demanding that the settlement expansion, forced displacement and demolition of Palestinian-owned homes cease, in order to evade a new wave of hostilities.

From Canada’s perspective, it was important as a friend to Israel that we get the message across that the continued building of settlements and the evictions and demolitions in east Jerusalem should cease,”

– Canadian Foreign Minister Marc Garneau

That is potentially provocative at a time when we want to lower the temperature and not provide any excuse for it to flare up again.”

– Canadian Foreign Minister Marc Garneau

Our long-standing position has been that ultimately the best long solution is two states for two people.”

– Canadian Foreign Minister Marc Garneau

~ Reuters, QNN