The Palestinian Detainees’ Committee has reported, Thursday, that as the detainees continue their hunger strike for the 25th consecutive day, all of them are currently very weak, cannot stand or move due to severe weight loss, and many of them are vomiting blood.

The committee stated that the striking detainees, and despite their life-threatening health conditions, are facing escalating Israeli violations, while the authorities are not even trying to negotiate with them.

It added that all hunger striking detainees have lost 15-25 kilograms, and are all week, unable to move or even stand, in addition to being dizzy, suffering from severe pain and many are vomiting blood.

The committee also stated that many detainees are held in small, dirty solitary confinement cells, while the rest are isolated in solitary confinement sections, without being allowed out in the sun for any period.

The Israeli Prison Authority is also frequently transferring striking detainees to various prisons, despite their deteriorating health conditions, while the soldiers have assaulted many of them.

The army is also frequently invading sections of the prisons, where the hunger-striking detainees are held, and are forcing them to stand “to be counted,” while imposing severe sanctions, including high fines, on any detainee who “refuses to stand to be counted, or resists it.”

The committee further stated that the soldiers have also confiscated the salt from the detainees’ rooms, while the water, they are forced to drink is both insufficient and unfit for human consumption.

In addition, lawyers who are requesting to visit with the detainees are facing various obstacles and are themselves treated in an illegal and arbitrary manner.

The committee added that Israel is refusing to negotiate with detained leaders, such as legislator Marwan Barghouthi, and is instead trying to divide the detainees’ unified stance and demands.

It demanded the International Red Cross to act fast, and ensure all hunger striking detainees are moved to hospitals, so that they remain under constant medical observation.