Tulkarem night raid (archive image)

The Israeli forces launched pre-dawn raids Monday morning in various parts of the West Bank, abducting 12 Palestinians, including two previously-released prisoners.

In Hebron, Israeli forces abducted: Abdel Karim Khaled Abu Sal (23 years), Amr Khaled Al-Badawi, Majid Tayseer Al-Titi (23 years), and Ahmed Ezzat Al-Sabatin, all from Al-Arroub camp north of Hebron.

In the same context, the Israeli forces searched several houses in the Hebron governorate and ransacked their contents. The owners of the homes were identified as Khaled Abu Sal and Atta Al-Badawi, Nihad Mutir Al-Awawdeh, Abdel-Halim Al-Talahmeh, and Wasfi Abu Taha.

In Tulkarem, Israeli troops abducted four Palestinians: Munjid Radwan, Khaled Ahmed Hussein Abed Rabbo (20 years) from Tulkarem camp, as well as the recently-released prisoners Yahya Jamal Sway from the eastern neighborhood of Tulkarem, and Iyad Nasser (40 years) from the Shweikeh suburb of the north of the city.

In Ramallah, the Israeli military abducted three Palestinians: Hassan Tayseer Hammad, Saleh Abdullah from the town of Silwad, and Hadi Abdullah from the village of Beitin.

In Jenin, Israeli troops abducted the teenager Mohammad Jamal Abu Zaid Al-Hourani, after they raided his family’s home in the Al-Marah neighborhood of the city.

Israeli troops conduct pre-dawn raids on a daily basis, between 3 and 5 am, during which time they invade towns across the West Bank and terrorize their residents, forcing them awake and dragging them from their homes while they are sleeping.