On Wednesday, the Israeli army fired a missile at a Palestinian home in the Nusseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, killing eighteen Palestinians, including ten children.

Medical sources said the Israeli Air Force fired a missile at a home in the refugee camp, killing eighteen Palestinians, including ten children.

The attack also caused severe damage to several surrounding homes and buildings, leading to more casualties.

The Palestinian Health Ministry has reported that the Israeli army killed 10569 Palestinians, including 4324 children and 2823 women, adding that among the slain Palestinians are 649 elders since October 7.

The Health Ministry added that the number of wounded Palestinians has exceeded 27000 Palestinians, including 4237 children, 2719 women, and 321 elders, in addition to 2550 Palestinians, including more than 1350 children buried under the rubble of bombarded homes and buildings.

It stated that “the army committed 27 massacres in the last few hours alone, killing 241 Palestinians,” and added that %49 of the victims are from southern Gaza and that the Israeli missiles obliterated 1089 families.

Israeli missiles and shells have also killed 193 medical workers, including doctors, and destroyed 45 ambulances.

In its previous report, published Tuesday, November 7, 2023, one month after the beginning of Israel’s onslaught on Gaza, the Health Ministry said that the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers and paramilitary colonizers in the occupied West Bank, is 163, in addition to 2300 injured Palestinians, including children.

It added that 18 out of the 35 hospitals in the Gaza Strip, in addition to %71 of the health facilities, such as clinics and first aid centers, have shut down due to being targeted by Israeli missiles or due to the lack of fuel to run electricity generators.

The Ministry also said that the doctors had to resort to performing various urgent surgeries and procedures on patients, especially on wounded Palestinians, without anesthesia after running out of medical supplies and are resorting to using bed sheets and other fabrics in place of gauze pads.

It added that 117.000 displaced Palestinians, who were forced to leave their homes due to Israeli missiles and shells, in addition to medical staff, are staying in hospitals and medical centers.

The Health Ministry revealed that about %70 of the Palestinians (1.5 Million) are now internally displaced, with 690.400 of them living in UNRWA schools and buildings.

Also, 121.750 Palestinians are staying in hospitals, churches, and several public buildings, in addition to 99.150 living in 82 schools that the UNRWA does not run, and 600.000 are living with other families that hosted them.

Israeli missiles killed 50 Palestinians staying in UNRWA buildings and schools and injured at least 461.

Over the last few days, 150.000 Palestinians went to emergency housing centers, looking for food, water, and basic services.

In addition, about %15 of the displaced Palestinians are persons with special needs, which poses serious health risks of complications and infections, especially since most places they had to escape to are not accessible at all or not accessible enough, in addition to the overcrowding due to mass evacuations caused by the constant Israeli bombing of civilian areas, medical centers, and private sector buildings.

The Israeli missiles and shells have destroyed 35.000 residential units and damaged 165.000, in addition to 15 medical facilities, fifty-one clinics, 221 schools, including thirty-eight schools that the Israeli missiles turned into rubble, and 42 UNRWA facilities, seven churches, and fifty-six mosques.

The Israeli army attacked medical facilities numerous times since October 7, killing 192 medical workers and 36 Civil Defense workers, damaging 50 ambulances, and forcing 18 out of the 35 hospitals in Gaza and 51 out of 72 Urgent Care Centers to shut down after targeting them with missiles, while some of them had to close after running out of fuel for their electricity generators.

Israel is still demanding the evacuation of twenty-four hospitals in Gaza and is threatening to bomb them.

Furthermore, the lack of fuel for electricity generators and the lack of power are threatening the lives of 130 premature infants in incubators, 360.000 patients who suffer from various noncommunicable diseases, and 1000 Kidney patients who need dialysis, especially after %80 of dialysis machines are in hospitals in northern Gaza, the most devastated area by Israeli missiles and shells.

Since October 7, Israel has prevented patients, including two thousand cancer patients, from leaving Gaza for medical treatment in occupied Jerusalem and other parts of the country.

The Health Ministry also said that, due to overcrowding, lack of sanitation, and the constantly increasing numbers of families seeking shelter in medical centers, various conditions started emerging, including respiratory conditions, diarrhea, scabies, and chickenpox.

Due to constant Israeli bombing in northern Gaza, the Palestinians have no access to running water, while most water distribution facilities had to shut down, including 60 water wells run by city councils, due to the lack of fuel and the fact that workers in these facilities cannot reach them.

Sixty-five water pumps in Gaza City and the Northern Gaza Strip had to shut down, which also increases the serious risks of flooding, especially in the sewage system and cross-contamination.